Caged Man Behind the Glass Roller Set is perfect for adding sophistication to your home, studio and office decor! This sculpture will cast an artistic vibe to your living spaces and lend any interior intriguing, elegant and stylish. Not to mention it will be an amazing gift for your friends, family and loved ones.

As a unique handcrafted decorative object, the Gold Painted Caged Man Behind the Glass Roller is made from resin and its exact appearance may vary due to natural variations in the material. 

Not only evoking the physical strength of men, the Gold Painted Caged Man Behind the Glass Roller also attracts attention to the weaknesses of human behavior and psychology. The sculpture explores the vulnerabilities and fears of all humans and shows how we all can feel trapped from time to time.

Designed to portray man in a confined pose behind the glass roller, their heads towards their knees, the sculpture set will attract attention of your loved ones, friends and family. And it sure will become a conversation starter at your parties!

Item Dimensions: 11 cm x 15 cm

Weight : 0,7 kg

Care & Info: Due to its’ handmade & rasin nature, the Silver Painted Caged Man Behind the Glass Roller may show small differences with the website images and every product may come unique than one another. The product is not recommended to contact with food. Please wipe the product with a damp cloth. The anti-allergic polyster bust does hold a protective varnish and it does not collect dust.

Qty available:12
Gold Painted Caged Man Behind The Glass Roller Set

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